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Vietnam is an Asian country that has been ruled by invaders and became independent after years of struggle. Nowadays, the country is already developing into a strong nation with lots of potential in the world market. Tourism for example, it one factor that keeps the nation developing though the years. Along with the agriculture and foreign investment sector, the tourism in the country is getting a lot of attention from neighboring countries and other parts of the world.

Millions of tourists have visited Vietnam because of its rich culture and unusual taste in delicacies. On the other hand, the casino industry of the country is still unnoticed - with only two casinos established in the country. The Royal International Gaming Club and Do Son Casino are the casinos in Vietnam that's open for visitors and locals alike for entertainment purposes.

Roaming around the cities of Vietnam is easier nowadays with the new transport system in the country. As you walk on sidewalks, you can see lots of carts that offer food, accessories, and many more. If you like adventures, you'll definitely try one of the delicacies in Vietnam which is made from dog meat (the source of dog meat may come from road kills or anything unimaginable). The locals normally flavor it with its locally-made ketchup that comes from phuoc nam (anchovies).

You might see some small-scale betting shops or casinos in other areas of Vietnam. If you're planning to visit this country, it's best to stay away from these facilities. This is because the only legal form of gambling in this country is casino gambling. Other than that are betting facilities that are illegal ones are enforced by the authorities. Along with these small-scale illegal facilities are cock fights that are held all over the country. These cock fights are also illegal so you should stay away from it if you can.

With the development of the tourism industry in the country, people expect more gambling facilities in the future. If the gambling rules imposed nowadays should be changed, other forms of gambling such as cockfights and small-scale casinos might be able to operate legally. Well, this industry is still growing so there are lots of possibilities in the future. People might be able to play casino games in the country in the comfort of their own home just by visiting online casinos.

If you're planning to visit Vietnam, it's best to know more about the places of interest around the cities first. This way, you don't have to ask directions and waste time by knowing the directions around the cities. Yes - it's going to be difficult without a crash course in Vietnamese since locals don't use English very often. You might come across English speaking locals in tourist spots but visiting the countryside might be more of a challenge. Check out websites where you can find information about the casinos in Vietnam (if you're planning to visit one in the future) - this will let you know more about the rules implemented in the casinos.

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