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Slovakian Casinos

If you love cruising, you’ll definitely find Slovakia as one of the best. This is because of the river located here – Danube, which is visited by lots of tourists every year. Aside from this, you will also love the resorts after a day of touring around historical sites and sightseeing landscapes. If you want to have some fun, Slovakia casinos are there for you.

Just like any other country, you can find great casinos in Slovakia. Even though casinos here aren’t so big and extravagant such as the ones you can see in Las Vegas, you’ll definitely find it comfortable to play betting games here. From table games to slot machines, you’ll find whatever casino games you can find in huge casinos all over the world.

Where to find Casinos

Well, there are lots of casinos in Slovakia since it is one official gambling in the country aside from horse racing. Yes – you can also bet on horse racing games if you get tired of playing casino games. Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia is a place where you can find two casinos (The Regency Casino and Casino Cafe Reduta). Other cities such as Kezmarok, Kosice, Piestany, and Zilina are also great places for casino games.

Of course, casinos here offer lots of games – although smaller in numbers. The Regency Casino for example, is a popular casino here that offers about twenty table games and some slot machines. The Casino Cafe Reduta is a smaller casino that offers twelve table games along with the slot machines. Here you can find games such as blackjack, baccarat, Punto Banco, and American roulette.

Chill Out

After hours of playing games in the casinos, you might want to find a nice place to chill out and relax. The Casino Regency offers lots of restaurants cafes, and even shopping arcades to give you some time to relax. Since the country uses Slovak as the national language, you might worry about playing games in the casinos here. Well, most people in the cities here speak English (especially in places where tourists visit very often.

Before there was Slovakia, it was part of Czech (that’s why there’s Czechoslovakia) before. After 1993, the two were split in half – after which the Slovakian population became a part of the European Union (this happened in 2004). Thus, it’s that’s easy to access whether by land, air, or ship. If you want to experience the beauty of this country, you might want to check out the cruise ships that run along the Danube River.

If you want to relax and entertain yourself, you can go for resorts with casinos too. Since there are lots of resorts here, you won’t have any problems of looking for one. The Regency Casino is also a hotel so staying here would mean having fun and relaxing at the same time. With the restaurant, bars, and shopping mall located in this place, you won’t wander around for long since you can find everything that you need in the hotel.

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