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The island of Reunion is located in France that’s populated by less than a million. Nowadays, tourism is one of the top priorities in this island since it has made a big impact in the country’s economy. With lots of tourists visiting every year, more and more establishments are being made – along with these are casinos which surprisingly made a big difference in the islands development. Now, you can visit four casinos in this island, two of which are located in the largest town of the island.

There are three towns where casinos can be found in the island – these towns are Saint Pierre, Saint Denis, and Saint Gilles. The third largest town of the island is Saint Pierre where two casinos can be found. One casino in this town is called Casino de Saint Pierre with 80 slot machines and four table games. If you love table games such as blackjack and roulette, you’ll definitely love this place. It is strategically located on the Boulevard Hubert Delisle where lots of establishments such as restaurants, diners, and shops are located. You can also stay in lodging houses in the area for more convenience. This casino opens at 10:00am and closes at 3:00am on Fridays and weekends (it closes earlier on Sundays and the rest of the week).

Another casino is called Casino de Sud located near Casino de Saint Pierre. It has about 80 slot machines and five table games. Compared to Casino de Saint Pierre, this casino opens an hour earlier and closes at the same time.

Saint Denis is the largest town in the island that’s also the most populated. With this, you can see lots of establishments here – especially tourist shops that you can visit every day. The Casino de Saint Denis is one popular tourist attraction here since it has been established decades ago. With 80 slot machines and about six gaming tables, you’ll definitely have a great time here. Unlike other casinos in other countries, this casino also opens in the morning and closes at dawn. On Fridays and weekends, the casino operates in a longer time.

The west coast of the island of Reunion – Saint Gilles, houses one casino in too. This place is very popular for tourists since you can also visit lots of resorts here. The Casino de Saint Gilles is a small casino with 16 slot machines and about five table games for tourists who want to try their luck after a day of touring around the area. If you are a blackjack or roulette enthusiast, you will certainly visit this place. This casino operates like the other three casinos in the island – opens in the late morning and closes at dawn (with longer operating hours on Fridays and weekends).

After playing in the casino, you can have some time to relax and chill out in the restaurants located at the casino premises. The island of Reunion has a lot of things to offer – fun, excitement, and a place for relaxation. If you want to know more about this island, you can always check it out on the web and grab great deals as well.

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