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There is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean that’s called the Northern Mariana Islands. It sits in the eastern part of the Philippines and the southern part of Guam. Years ago, the group of islands was settled by the Chamorro people – it was after the world war that the group of islands was settled by people of many descents from neighboring islands. Tourism and garment industry are the main factors that contribute to the country’s development. Although the tourism in the country dropped a few percentages, the government that rules the group of islands is determined to improve this in the near future.

Nowadays, there’s only one casino in the Northern Mariana Islands that sits in one of the main islands of the country. This island is called Tinian – this place was settled by the US army in the time of world war to launch assault planes. In fact, this island played a big role in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 40’s. Since the airbase in Tinian is officially closed after the war, the place was used to provide the needs of tourists such as lodging places, shops, and entertainment facilities. The Tinian Dynasty Casino is the only casino in the country – it also houses a hotel for tourists and locals as well.

The Tinian Dynasty Casino (although it’s the only one in the country) has a lot of things to offer. With its 75,000 square feet establishment, you will definitely find the things that you’re looking for here. It has 33 gaming tables that offer international casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat with about 450 slot machines to provide the increasing demand for betting games in the country. If you get bored of playing casino games or touring around the area, you can sit back and relax in the restaurants located in the casino premises. There are also bars and nightclubs that you can visit if you want a place to chill out in the evening.

Tourists that often visit the island are mostly composed of Japanese. There are also other tourists from countries such as United States, China, and neighboring Asian countries who visit the place every year. The Northern Mariana Islands is a country with lots of potential – this is why the government is pursuing improvements that have to deal with the tourism industry in the country. While the garment industry in the country is continuously developing, the government takes a chance to improve tourism that will invite more visitors in the country.

With this plan, the government is trying to establish tourism sites such as another casino in other parts of the country. While this plan is yet to be improved and finalized, you can always visit the Tinian Dynasty Casino in the island of Tinian. If you’re looking for an adventure and a great place in the Pacific, the Northern Mariana Islands is a must-see for everyone. You can always check out websites about this island for more information about its culture, establishments, and tourist spots.

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