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New Zealand is a beautiful country that’s visited by millions of tourists every year. With its beautiful nature, settings in TV shows and movies were shot in the beautiful scenes of this country. Movies such as the Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Last Samurai were very popular movies around the world which were shot in New Zealand. With these movies, more and more tourists visit this country just to take a look at the places where the movies were shot – it’s like being a part of the movie as well. Aside from these things, another tourist attraction in the country is the casino industry. Yes – the gaming establishments such as casinos and horse racing stadiums are very popular in the country. In fact, gambling is one of the best leisure activities in the country. If you visit this country, casinos are a must-see.

The casino regulations in the country are strict – this is because locals consider gambling as the best leisure activity in the country. With more demands coming from the tourists, the government of New Zealand imposed strict guidelines to protect betting enthusiasts. This secures players of safe and reliable gaming establishments.

One popular casino in the country is the Sky Alpine Queenstown Casino. This casino is located at Queenstown where you can find lots of sightseeing places as well. After a day of touring around the place, you can always have fun in the casino premises with more than a hundred gaming tables and slot machines (this just shows how popular casinos are in the country). To provide the increasing demands for casino games in this area, the casino is always happy to provide more. The best thing about this casino is that it provides live entertainment – shows are done regularly to entertain guests. If you get tired of playing casino games, the restaurant in the casino premises will always be happy to serve you.

Another popular casino in New Zealand is the Dunedin Casino (located at Dunedin) that also houses a hotel for tourists and locals as well. It has an amazing structure with brilliant designs for the entertainment of the visitors. You can also check out the restaurants in the casino premises if you get tired of playing casino games. If you like crowds and you want more games, you can always visit the SkyCity Hamilton – this is because it offers gaming tables at about 400 with hundreds of slot machines (about 1600 in numbers) in the establishment.

New Zealand might be the only place where you can play slot machines in non-casino establishments. That’s right – you don’t have to go to casinos just to play your favorite slot machines (this is great news for slot machine lovers). There are bars and lounges – such as the Lion Foundation, that operates hundreds of non-casino establishments where you can play slot machines. The great thing about this foundation is that the proceeds from the machines go to charity institutions. If you want to know more about this organization, you can always check out their official website.

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