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New Caledonia is a dependent territory of France located at the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. It is composed of groups of islands with main islands of Grande Terre, Isle of Pines, the Belep archipelago, and Loyalty Islands. Tourism isn’t a big industry in New Caledonia although it’s also one of the developing factors in the place when it comes to national income. The group of islands is considered one of the largest producers of plantains, yams, and coconuts. If you visit the main island of Grand Terre, you can always visit two casinos here – Casino Royal and Grand Casino.

New Caledonia became the headquarters of the US military during the World War II. Since it doesn’t have a big population, establishments here are good enough to provide the demands of consumers. Tourists are always welcome to visit the islands of New Caledonia especially for adventure seekers. This is because the islands here have full of surprises when it comes to natural beauty, culture, and historical landmarks. There are only two casinos in New Caledonia that you can visit in the island of Grande Terre – the country’s popular gambling spot is the Grand Casino (with more than 200 slot machines and 18 gaming tables for poker, blackjack, and roulette).

Gambling isn’t really the pasttime of the locals here – most people try to go out and have some fun in the beaches. If you get tired of gambling in the casinos, you can always experience the fun in the beach resorts in the area. In fact, there are exciting activities such as scuba diving that’s offered in some hotels in the island. After a day of touring around the area, you can always relax and chill out in the restaurants around the hotel or casino premises.

Another place for fun in New Caledonia is the Casino Royal. This casino isn’t that big – it only offers a few slot machines and some gaming tables for baccarat, poker, roulette, or Punto Banco. Since this casino is located by the sea, you can also check in the hotel inside in the casino premises. This is very convenient since you don’t have to go far away just to experience the white beach and play casino games. In fact, there are restaurants and bars in the area where you can dine after a day of playing casino games or touring around the area.

If you plan to go to popular landmarks in New Caledonia, its best if you’ll have some crash course of French language first. This is because this is the official language used in the country and English is only used in popular establishments. With this, you don’t have to worry about asking directions or buying items in local shops. As for casinos, English is also used by dealers – you can also ask for directions if you encounter dealers that doesn’t speak English (although, this doesn’t happen too often). To know more about the casinos in New Caledonia, you can always look for websites online that will give you more information about the house rules in the casinos.

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