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Moldovan Casinos

Moldova is very popular around the world because of its wine industry. Through the years, winemaking has been the main occupation for most people around this country. This is why lots of tourists visit this place – aside from the wines; people can enjoy its majestic scenery too. After touring around cities, one can relax and enjoy games inside casinos here too. The Casino Grand, Admiral Casino, and Cosmos Casinos are the most popular in this country when it comes to casino games.

This country has been through a lot especially when it comes to politics. Thus, betting games haven’t been around until the down gall of its communist governance. Although there are strict laws when it comes to casinos in Moldova, you will definitely enjoy playing your favorite games here – casinos offer international games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and slot machines. The best place to visit in Moldova (if you’re looking for a place that combines relaxation and entertainment) is Chisinau – this place houses most of the casinos in the country.

Chisinau is the capital of the country wherein you can find Cosmos Casino – a hotel and casino that offers lots of international games and slot machines. Since the law of betting games in the country is quite strict, you might find different house rules in every casino you visit. The best thing that you can do is to understand these rules first before you enter – this way, you won’t have any problems especially if you really want to enjoy your stay here. Well, you don’t have to worry about the language used in the casinos in Moldova. This is because many tourists visit this place and you can find most establishments use English as a second language. This might be a different case if you visit country sides – take note that not very many people visit these places so you might want to hire an interpreter if you decide to tour around.

The legal age for gambling in Moldova is 18 and above – you will have to prove this by showing your ID card with a photo on it. This doesn’t happen regularly since your looks will say that you’re old enough to enter casinos. If you look young, you may have to show your ID card every once in a while as you enter casinos. The best time to go to casinos in Moldova is the early afternoon – then, the casinos close at dawn.

If you get bored or tired at playing casinos games, you can have some time to relax at the pubs and bars located around the casinos. Here you might find one form of legal gambling in Moldova – horse racing and sports betting. After relaxing in bars, there are also hotels around the city for your convenience – if you just want to have a place to spend the night with, you can go over the web and find a cheap but decent lodging place in Moldova. Once you have visited the casinos in Moldova, you’ll definitely want to go back in the future.

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