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Irish Casinos

Ireland is a place to visit if you’re a nature lover – this place has a lot of things to offer especially when it comes to natural beauty. Thousands of tourists every year visit this place just to have an amazing experience from watching historical landmarks and sightseeing places. After a day of touring around the country, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy in casinos all around the country. Yes – there are casinos you can spot in many places of Ireland but Dublin houses the most numbers of casinos that offer lots of games and slot machines.

The Amusement City Casino, Mayfair Casino Club, Merrion Casino Club, 76 Club, and the Silks Club are some of the popular casinos in Dublin. These casinos offer various games (others only have table games) for the enjoyment of visitors and even the locals of the area. If you love table games, you will definitely find the Collosus Casino Sporting Club a great place to visit. This casino is located at Stephen Green with only fourteen table games. The 76 casinos is much like the Collosus Casino with only six table games for baccarat and poker. On the other hand, this casino is also one of the largest casinos in the area since it also offers 250 slot machines.

If you don’t like crowded areas (especially casinos with lots of slot machines and table games, you can always find a place to stay in Mayfair Casino Club and Merrion Casino Club since these two casinos are small yet friendly to those who like to play table games. Compared to other casinos around the world, there is not strict casino regulation in Ireland. This means, you won’t have to worry about the regulations implemented in the casinos here. In fact, there is no dress code or entrance fee required if you wish you try your luck inside the casinos.

When you stay in Dublin casinos, you might come across the GLAI or the Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland – this is a body that promotes responsible gaming in the country. It encourages gambling lovers to be responsible when playing casino games and even gives helpful tips to get big wins. This is probably one of the best things that casinos in Ireland can offer to visitors as well as the locals.

The gambling industry in Ireland is continuously growing and with the help of the GLAI, it is expected to improve in the next years. If you’re planning to visit Ireland, it’s a great experience to visit casinos aside from the tourist sites included in your itinerary. Of course, you will have to understand the rules applied on the games offered in the casinos here – you can always check out the website for advice and winning tips. If you get bored in fishing, drinking in pubs, and playing casino games in Ireland, you can always try your luck on other betting games such as horse or dog racing (these betting games are also legal in this country).

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