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Tourism isn't a big contributor in Colombia's economy before because of internal wars that are happening in the country. After a few years of stabilization, this industry began rising - this is definitely because this country is a place where you can find wonderful beaches, night life, adventures, and many more. Casinos for example, are places where you can have fun in the country (although, this industry isn't so big compared to horse and dog racing, or jai alai (one kind of betting sports). There are about 21 casinos in Colombia that's operating legally - these casinos are spread throughout the country.

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia where you can find the most numbers of casinos. The casinos in Colombia usually offer international games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack. There are also varieties of poker games that you can play with like Texas and Omaha Hold'em or the Caribbean Stud. The Casino Caribe Norte is one popular casino in Bogotá with 129 slot machines and about five gaming tables. Other casinos such as the Casino Rock'n Jazz (with 12 gaming tables and about 150 slot machines) and Club Jacks (offers poker games) that you can visit in the city.

If you want to find the largest casino in Colombia, you'll have to visit the city of Medilin first. You can find the 32.000 square feet casino here which is the Casino Caribe with hundreds of slot and video game machines and 16 table games. In this city, you can also find other casinos such as the Excalibur, Casino Aladdin, and the Rio if you want to experience a different atmosphere. On the other hand, these casinos only offer slot machines so it's not really good news for table game enthusiasts.

Entertainment is definitely something that you can find in the city of Cali. This is because it's a place where Cali Gran Casino is located. This casino has many things to offer - about 200 slot machines, five gaming tables, and a hundred seats for people who love to play bingo. Along with these things are restaurants, bars, and live entertainment for guests and locals too. With the strict rule of gambling in Colombia, you'll definitely won't worry about rip offs and other problems that you may encounter in casinos. If you see gambling establishments that offer illegal gambling such as Monte (a three card game); it is best not to enter the premises.

Since the gambling rules are strict in the country, being caught inside illegal gambling establishments or playing illegal games would lead to imprisonment or fine. If you're a tourist, this is really something that you don't want to happen. To know more about the gambling rules and establishments that can operate legally in the country, you can always check out websites about this matter. This way, you can keep away from worrying about being caught in the middle of your vacation and paying a fine that would turn everything into a nightmare. Also, have some research about the casino house rules.

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