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5 Card Draw Poker

One of the more common characteristics of draw poker is that all players receive 5 cards on the first deal.

Five card draw is one of the most commonly known draw poker games. The players in the game each receive 5 cards and then betting begins. After the first round of betting, a player is allowed to get to dispose of up to 3 cards so they can pick 3 new cards to create a better hand. After another round of drawing and betting, the showdown occurs.

Two draw games with a kick are Trips to Win and Jacks to Open. There are a few main differences, however it is played very much like 5 card. If a player wishes to start and play the game, they need to have a couple of jacks or higher. If none of the players can open, then the whole hand is replaced with another set of cards. When a player can open with jacks or higher, then the game will continue. It is at that point when a player with at least three of a kind or better is allowed to remain in the game and win the pot. If none of the players has at least a 3 of a kind then the hand will be folded and the hand will end. If the hand resumes, the player with the highest 3 of a kind wins.

A fun variety of 5 card is Triple Draw. The object to this game is to create the lowest 5 card hand as you can. There are 3 draws and at least 4 rounds of betting in this game. Players can remove 0 to 5 cards after each round of betting so they can obtain the lowest hand.

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